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Your local Atlanta Franchise Consultant & Radio Host Pam Currie

Want to buy a franchise in Atlanta or elsewhere in the U.S.A? contact Pamela and start your journey towards successful franchise ownership.

Pamela can guide you down the path of learning about franchise business ownership and whether or not it is a good fit for you. She can help you connect with appropriate business financing and legal options.



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Franchise Consultant Pamela CurrieAtlanta Franchise Consultant Pam Currie.

Pamela has 20+ years of combined experience in franchising, sales and professional training & development. She established her own franchise consulting practice, Franchise Intellect, Inc. in 2009. Prior to Franchise Intellect, Pamela acquired business acumen on multiple perspectives of the franchise business model, including on a franchisee level, franchisor business performance & educator, franchisor launch & system developer and franchise advisor and trainer.

Pamela’s experience ranges from traditional corporate America to business entrepreneurship. She worked for companies such as ADP, Gartner and BAAN in sales and training development roles. In addition, Pamela worked as an Operating Partner/Franchise Development Director for a boutique franchise consulting firm. She was involved with the development strategy of growing businesses thru franchising, including marketing, sales, franchise communication, discovery days and general business operations.

Today, Pamela has parlayed her experience to help others who are considering franchise business ownership. Pamela is the owner of Franchise Intellect, Inc. and operates as a Franchise Specialist with the FRAN5 Team. Pamela’s passion for franchising and training has her educating other franchise consultants and hosting the Franchise Business Radio show.

Fran5 - Atlanta, Georgia

More About Pam Currie

Pamela has aligned herself with business partners and her additional areas of expertise include: design and implementation of training and support programs, mapping of processes, management of resources, collaborating on sales and marketing strategies, service excellence and more. Pamela partners with franchisors / companies as an outsourced resource to assist with franchise recruitment and professional training and development programs.

Pamela has seen all perspectives of the franchise business model (franchisee level, franchisor system support & education, system developer, trainer, franchise advisor).


  • Pamela operates as a Franchise Specialist with the FRAN5 Team.
  • Pamela operates as Director of Training for FranServe, a network of franchise consultants.
  • Pamela operates as a Training Practice Leader in areas of sales effectiveness, service excellence, career development, engagement and retention inside and outside the franchise community.
  • Pamela is the Host of Franchise Business Radio show.


If you are considering franchise ownership, Pamela is the advisor you want to assist you in identifying which franchise opportunities best align with your strengths, goals, financial means and lifestyle.

Ready to find your perfect Franchise in the Atlanta GA area or elsewhere? Call Pamela Currie today at 847-970-8765.

Fran5 Franchise Business BrokersFRAN5 is a full service franchise consulting firm representing over 500 of the Nation’s top Franchises. Pamela Currie is an active franchise consultant, who can provide real world insight into your franchising decisions. (about us)

FRAN5 provides complimentary consulting services allowing Atlanta residents the ability to explore, locate and research numerous local franchise and business opportunities all in one local location. Your FRAN5 local franchise specialist will initially help you identify which opportunities are currently available, and which ones might be the best choice based on your budget, goals, background, risk tolerance and exit strategy.

With so many franchises available to invest, the identification process is no longer easy. Pamela adeptly introduces you to businesses that have the best suited operational model for your needs

Some of our available opportunities are available in sectors such as: pet care, food, painting, cleaning, senior care, child related, education, consulting, sales based and executive operation franchises. Explore work from home franchises or bricks and mortar. Passive or executive ownership as well as hands on models are also an option. Investment amounts from $9,000 to $2,000,000. We also work with Master Franchises both in Atlanta and throughout the world.

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Pamela Currie
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