Franchise Consultants

Established in 2006.

Franchise BrokersCurrently under contract with over 600 National franchise brands FRAN5 helps facilitate growth by identifying and recruiting qualified executive talent.

  • If you are a franchise company seeking talented executives for franchise ownership roles.
  • If you are an executive seeking a franchise that aligns with your skills.
  • If you are an executive seeking joint venture funding for your franchise plans

FRAN5 provides a boutique of services that can help achieve your goals.

All FRAN5 Senior consultants are also franchise and/or business owners themselves.  When clients pose questions regarding franchising our answers are derived not only from classroom training but from decades of real world experience.

Franchise Consultant Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards, Franchise Consultant – Toronto, Serving Canada and the USA

Robert Edwards is currently a franchise consultant, entrepreneur and Founder of the FRAN5 group.

Robert began his career in corporate Sales working for companies such as Pitney Bowes developing and managing sales teams.

After starting a small part time mail order company in the 90’s Robert left the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship full time. His varied business ventures included a Toronto based video store chain (Zap Video) a property development company (Seagus Corporation) a web design and development firm (B-dox) and the Franchise Brokerage (FRAN5)

Franchise Consultant Jerry Rider

Jerry Rieder, Franchise Consultant –  Wisconsin,  Serving International Clients

Jerry Rieder has been a small business/franchise owner and in the franchise industry for over 10 years, as well as having 25 years of experience with 4 Fortune 500 Companies in the areas of Account, Operations and Revenue Management, consulting, project management and business analysis. This has given him a unique and well-rounded perspective in assisting clients find the right franchise opportunity. Jerry is a Senior Franchise Consultant with the FRAN5 group and the owner of Rieder Franchise Consulting.

Jerry and his wife also currently own and operate a dance and theater program for kids.

Franchise Consultant Joe Fedorchuk

Joe Fedorchuk, Franchise Consultant – Calgary, Serving Canada and the USA

For the first 20 years of his career Joe Fedorchuk worked as a Chartered Accountant and Senior Project Management Professional for several large corporations.

In 2005 Joe left the corporate world and opened two Subway restaurants which he successfully developed and eventually sold. Seeking to leverage his years of franchising and business experience Joe became a Franchise Consultant in 2013, and is now a Senior Consultant with the FRAN5 Group. Joe also owns Fedorchuk Franchise Consulting.

Franchise Consultant Pamela Currie

Pamela Currie, Franchise Consultant – Atlanta, Serving the USA & Canada

Pamela Currie has acquired business acumen in franchising, sales and professional training and development.

Prior to becoming an independent Franchise Advisor / Training & Development Consultant, Pamela was a Corporate Sales Manager and a Senior Training Consultant for ADP.

Today, as an independent consultant she oversees the Online University for FranServe, helps individuals with franchise selection, has formed Client Partners and provides resources for sales strategies and training development.  She is the owner of Franchise Intellect Franchise Consulting.

Pamela is also the host of the “Franchise Business Radio Show” on Buckhead Business Radio.

Franchise Consultant Jeff Lutz

Jeff Lutz, Franchise Consultant – Cleveland, Serving the USA & Canada

Jeff Lutz is currently a franchise advisor and owner of Pinnacle Franchise Group.

Jeff started his career over twenty years ago in corporate America in various sales, sales management and business development roles with companies such as Honeywell, Siemens & American Standard.

In 2006 Jeff & his wife Nancy opened their own Goddard School franchise after realizing that corporate America was not going to give them the kind of work/life balance, freedom, or wealth building capability they desired. Jeff is an innovative entrepreneur with extensive franchise ownership, advising and matching experience.

Franchise Consultant Sandra Jimmerskog

Sandra Jimmerskog, Franchise Consultant – Toronto, Serving Canada and the USA.

Sandra Jimmerskog has extensive business and franchise industry experience.

Sandra started her career working with Shoppers Drug Mart and worked with licensees across Canada.

Over 30 years ago Sandra left the corporate world to realize her dream of becoming an Entrepreneur.  She has since owned several businesses including a partnership in a successful flooring company, an automotive importing firm, a glass and mirror company and even an antique store.

Sandra now leverages her experience in the business and franchising world working as a Franchise Consultant helping people realize their dream of business ownership. Sandra works with clients throughout North America  and locally in the Toronto region.

Canadian Franchise Broker British Columbia

Allan Eng Franchise Consultant – Serving Vancouver, Canada & the United States

Allan Eng is a Certified Franchise Coach with over 2 decades of franchising experience.
Prior to becoming a franchise consultant Allan grew his BC based franchise empire from 1 store to 15 locations and operated the No. 1 store in all of Canada.  After 21 years in franchising Allan divested of his stores in 2008 to dedicate his time and expertise to helping entrepreneurs become successful.

Allan’s area of expertise includes Business Operations (systems & structure to gain efficiencies and effectiveness),  Business Expansion & Opportunities (master franchising, area development, multi units),  Financial Analysis (cash flow improvement, expense reduction, trend analysis), and  Authentic Leadership Development (personal development, team building, public speaking).

Indiana Franchise Consultant Greg Williams

Greg Williams Franchise Consultant – Serving Indiana, the United States and Canada

Greg Williams began his career in the franchise industry at the age of 22, which lead to franchise partnerships with 3 other franchised brands. Greg was selected “franchise partner of the year” with one of those brands, while building a multi-million dollar business and successfully meeting his five unit development schedule.

Greg went on to grow two new “start-ups” which were not franchise related; one in real estate, and the other in manufacturing, where his company established national distribution. Greg is a certified franchise consultant who uses his 35 years of business experience to focus on franchise coaching for both domestic and international clients.