5 June 2013
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Business to Business Franchise Opportunities – Great Option for Sales Professionals

As a skilled salesperson you may discover that you have hit a ceiling at your current employer. Like many before you buying a franchise can be a sound strategy to bring you to the next rung on the career ladder.

Franchise Opportunities for Sales ProfessionalsMany sales professionals possess skills that make them a desirable candidate in the eyes of a franchisor. Most have a solid work ethic, an existing network of clients, an understanding of the sales cycle, and a healthy interest in generating a large income.

There are several Business to Business (B2B) franchise opportunities that are well suited to a sales pro. There are sales training based franchises, business consulting type franchises, cost reduction franchises and a host of others. Each of these involve a heavy investment in prospecting, networking and building relationships with business owners and “C” level executives.

As opposed to a retail franchise and business to business franchise opportunity will rely heavily on the skills and motivation of the owner. The good news is many of these B2B franchises are low cost of entry (under 100K) and offer the ability for talented owners to gross 7 figures within a few short years.

Often times there is repeat business and referrals providing the owner a solid exit strategy. The business can be operated more passively or sold for a substantial profit. Just make sure your franchise has provisions for resale and you will not be penalized financially by transferring business ownership.

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