29 May 2013
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Franchise Opportunities in Ontario

As the Canadian economy continues to do well more and more US based franchise brands are looking to the North to set up operations.

Franchise for sale in OntarioFor many years Canadian demographics and populations densities created a perception in US franchisors that the Northern Neighbor didn’t have a whole lot to offer. Many franchise concepts require territories with 1 million or more residents. In Canada, particularly in certain provinces that does not leave many options, if any.

But as more and more popular brands enter our marketplace they are realizing that brands can be scaled and modified to meet the needs of Canadian consumers.

The epicenter for new US based franchise opportunities at the moment is Ontario. If you are looking for a franchise for sale in Ontario, or seeking to relocate to Ontario there are several great brands seeking both unit franchise operators, as well as Master Franchisees and Area Developers.

While Toronto and Ottawa are the main targets for Ontario bound franchise brands there are many secondary markets that can be acquired relatively inexpensively.

If you would like to discuss working with a US brand to bring their successful concept into Ontario please contact us directly.

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