6 June 2013
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Home Based Franchise Opportunities

As the success of franchising continues new market segments previously considered not franchise worthy have tested the waters.

Some actually do well. Others do not. We make a point to educate clients on the purchase of any home based franchise opportunity.

Buy A Franchise - Home Based BusinessThe first aspect to consider is that unlike a brick and mortar franchise such as popular restaurants most home based franchises will not carry the immediately recognized branding benefits. Therefore the decision to invest should generally be based on the operational strengths of the franchise itself – as opposed to any inherent brand magnetism.

Next, a home based franchises success will often be disproportionately reliant on the owner themselves. Meaning your skills, motivation and effort will be directly tied to level of success. The opposite is true if buying a big name retail food franchise where the actual brand and location attracts most of the clients. Owner aptitude plays but a small role.

That said, a home based franchise will cost far less than a brick and mortar franchise. And can potentially offer excellent earnings for a dedicated investor.

There are HBF’s in virtually every sector – from sales based, bookkeeping and accounting, to credit restoration, business consulting, travel planning, and dozens of other business or consumer services that don’t require a physical location.

While the lions share of success will be directly on the shoulders of the owner, the benefits of low start up, ease of operation, low overhead and several other factors may lead you to consider a home based franchise.

We represent several established National Brand Home based Franchises starting at $9,000. Contact us for more details.

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