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Recruiters: Unique Ideas to Help Hard to Place Clients

Many recruiters have candidates in their portfolio that are challenging to place.  Clients with outdated skills, advancing in age or overly qualified create a tough scenario for recruiters. A dusty resume sitting in a pile provides no value to your client or to you.

FRAN5 offers a potential solution.

We provide a unique service that introduces your clients to the world of business ownership – through franchising.

From Unemployed to Franchise Owner in 60 Days

Our franchise partners exist in a number of diverse verticals including Telecom, Food Services, Blue Collar, Financial, Retail, Consulting and dozens of others.  Investment levels start as low as $24,900 and go upward from there. Most brands offer creative financing options (including 401k rollovers)  making the transition from unemployed to franchise owner virtually effortless.   Our firm is currently under contract with over 500 of the Nations most successful franchises and it is likely we will have a strong match for the background of your client.

Interestingly many of the attributes that might make a candidate less desirable to an employer are welcomed by franchisors. Successful franchise owners often come from downsized executive positions, outsourced sales positions, and some even from retirement. Age is never an issue and experience is a cherished asset in the world of franchising.

If your firm has candidates that are presenting a placement challenge we welcome you to introduce them through our FRAN5 Referral Program for Recruiters.  We provide a generous referral fee on successful placements, and most importantly your candidate will be grateful you have helped them regain value in their new career.

Questions? Contact us for further details on the program.

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