Why Buy A Franchise?

Buying a franchise is a great way for new entrepreneurs to start their own business with the assistance and backing of a National brand. Each year  thousands of new business owners make the choice to buy a franchise and invest in their future.

Why buy a franchise?There are franchises available from under $10,000 to well into the millions and franchises are not just retail and food anymore.  There are franchises that are home based, mobile, service based, passive ownership, travel oriented, senior care and many more.  For those seeking off the wall concepts there are even very unique specialty franchises available such as those providing clean up services for crime scenes, and franchises that provide dogs to golf courses to chase away geese.

Any business model that has been successful can be franchised and new owners trained to replicate that success.

With over 3000 unique franchise opportunities available today there is a franchise to suit everyone.

Buying a franchise is like buying a ready made race car vs having to build the car yourself from scratch.  With a franchise the majority of the hard work is done for you so new owners can focus on running the business, instead of inventing the business.

A good franchise will provide you with all these elements:

  • Established Systems and Processes.
  • Track Record of Success.
  • Established and Recognizable Brand Identity.
  • Purchasing Power.
  • Training Programs.
  • Ongoing Operational Support.
  • Marketing Assistance.
  • Risk avoidance.

There are hundreds of very successful franchises today to suit any persons background and budget

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Why buy a franchise?
Article Name
Why buy a franchise?
Advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise over starting your own business.